Razorfish 5, Volume 3

Five Technologies That Will Transform Your Business

Razorfish 5, Volume 3

For the last couple years, Razorfish has been very bullish on where cloud computing is taking brands, agencies and consumers. The cloud is no longer just about server technology – it’s about removing barriers to innovation and enabling great things. But even that is no longer enough. That’s why volume 3 of the Razorfish 5 is about going beyond the cloud by using Big Data-fueled targeting combined with machine learning platforms and API’s to move your business forward. Topics explored in this report include:

• So You’ve Got Their Attention, Now What? — How to Make the Most of Your Owned Digital Assets

• Ubiquitous Computing, Keeping Up With The Digital Consumer

• Platforms and APIs, How To Open Up Your Digital Marketing

• Developing Production Software Faster

• Bringing Together the CMO and CTO

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