One promise of digital media is that it is highly measurable and targetable. In reality, this is challenging due to the complexity of display advertising, search and the social technology landscape. Just when brands feel they have a handle on the situation, consumer behavior changes, competitors alter tactics and new technologies arise that evolve the marketing landscape.

Yet, most digital marketers still lust for a clear, financially oriented media plan that communicates their performance and future investment opportunities. Razorfish has been at the forefront of digital advertising and performance marketing since inception in 1995, and essentially created the discipline. Since then, more than 20 of our optimization, targeting, social media, attribution and cross-channel offerings have received patent recognition — proof of our superlative, ongoing commitment to innovation.

• We are part of the Publicis Groupe network and benefit from the power that comes with over $60 billion of media bought annually.

• We have a legacy of innovating to meet clients’ analytics needs in order to feed optimization. For example, we created TrueLift AnalysisTM technologies in 2001, Advanced OptimizationTM service offerings dating back to 2002, LTV OptimizationTM practices in 2004 and RIAXTM tagging systems in 2007.

• We know that investing in cutting edge tools and technologies is imperative for performance media. It also allows our media team to focus on planning innovative, engaging brand experiences. We believe in the "no banner planner" — using technologies to buy industry-standard ad units, and focusing our people on integrated campaigns crossing paid, earned and owned media.

• We were quick to recognize the power of social media when we developed social platforms as early as 2005 — and we’ve maintained our leadership with the introduction of tools like Social Influence MarketingTM measurement and Generational TaggingTM technologies in 2008.

"Razorfish now combines its mature expertise in UX and cross-channel integration with its cloud-based Fluent™ content marketing platform to implement large, ongoing campaigns across multiple channels and multiple languages. Its Performance Marketing (RPM) offering adds cross-channel measurement and total ROI effectiveness to the scenario." – Gartner Global Agency Magic Quadrant, 2012.  

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