Nike invented the 10K run city attack more than a decade ago. Since then, attendance has dwindled amongst young athletes. Since running is the core of Nike’s business, we were hired to re-imagine the 2011 event to appeal to novice competitors who have been lured away from running in recent years by extreme sports.


We designed the world’s first Facebook-enabled running course that linked contestants’ radio-frequency identification (RFID) timing chips to their Facebook accounts. To share how they felt during the race, contestants could choose to run through various gates on the course, which would automatically update their Facebook status. Start times, finish times, split times and photographs of their run were also shared with their friends — directly from their feet.


• 34% increase in runners under 25 years old
• 72% of runners had never before run a 10K
• 5,000 entries sold out in record time


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