In 2012, AXE released Anarchy, the brand’s first male/female paired fragrance. The question then arose: Did the world really need another body spray variety? Our job was to drive sales of Anarchy in an already overcrowded category.


We conceived the first AXE campaign that not only engaged its consumers, but was created with them. 

We embraced a genre that has fueled fantasies for decades, and then reinvented it for a generation raised on the real-time Web. 

Over the course of four months, Anarchy: The Graphic Novel was shaped by the suggestions and votes of consumers. Along the way, more than 50 consumers were illustrated into the novel.


Anarchy has become the #1 selling body spray in the US.The biggest digital campaign in the brand’s history with more than 13.5 million engagements.

The trailer video has more than 6.5 million organic views.

The campaign was featured on the cover of Contagious and was awarded a Pencil at the One Show.

  • 6.5MM

    organic views

  • #1

    selling body spray in the U.S


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