Special K™ has long been a part of weight loss plans. For years, the brand has invested millions in the Special K Challenge, also known as the “2-week Challenge” which drives significant sales spikes, however, results in an end date to consumer engagement. Kellogg wanted to build a 24/7/365 relationship between the brand and its consumers, but wondered how to accomplish this without abandoning the equity they had in their “challenge” positioning.


It’s well-known that transitions to healthy living are more successful with a clear goal, an action plan and a partner or coach to provide motivation. With this support system in mind, we built My Special K™, an online lifestyle program focused on achieving a specific goal — whether it be preparing for a special event, losing weight, maintaining weight or taking the tried-and-true Special K Challenge™.


In the first year of the program, the “Special K Challenge” had 147% more participants than the year prior, while requiring 27% less media spend.


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