Dove “Project #ShowUs” Wins Silver Global Effie for Shattering Stereotypical Depictions of Women in Media & Advertising


Razorfish’s breakthrough campaign earns its 40th accolade for creating measurable, systemic change

Today, Dove’s Project #ShowUs was awarded a Silver 2020 Global Effie award for Positive Social Change. Created in partnership with Razorfish, the ongoing collaboration between Dove, Getty Images and Girlgaze aims to shatter stereotypical depictions of women, female-identifying and non-binary individuals in media and advertising worldwide. Since launching in the fall of 2019, Project #ShowUs has earned 40 international accolades, including this Effie award, a Cannes Silver Glass Lion for Social Change and the Silver Jay Chiat award for Global Strategy.

To create a more inclusive vision of beauty, Dove partnered with Getty Images, Girlgaze and women worldwide to create Project #ShowUs—the world’s largest stock photo library populated entirely by self-submitted images. Every tag of each photograph is personally written by the photo subjects themselves, so they can define their images on their own terms.

Today, 70% of women worldwide say they still don’t feel represented in the images they see every day. “Many of us know the mantra 'You can’t be what you can’t see',” says Sophie van Ettinger, Marketing Vice President of Unilever, “yet despite decades of work by Dove to liberate women from limiting stereotypes, many images continue to impose unrealistic beauty standards that present a narrow view of who women are, what they should look like, and what they can achieve."

To date, Project #ShowUs contains more than 12,000 original photos sourced from 39 different countries. Dove and Razorfish created the global campaign as a call-to-arms for women to grow the collection and encourage media and advertisers to use them instead of images that perpetuate outdated stereotypes. Partnerships with media powerhouses ensured that Project #ShowUs images were used all over the world.

Many images continue to impose unrealistic beauty standards that present a narrow view of who women are, what they should look like, and what they can achieve.

Sophie van Ettinger
Marketing Vice President of Unilever

Partnering for real change

“Real change only happens when you address the core issues that created the problem in the first place—in this case, the unrealistic and exclusionary depictions of women in media & advertising,” said Jennifer Berry, Razorfish Managing Director Northeast Region, and Dove Account Lead. “The response among advertisers has been tremendous. Thousands of companies have embraced these new images and used them in projects around the globe.”

“By working with Dove on Project #ShowUs, we were able to connect with people across the globe on a deep, personal and truly meaningful level,” said Josh Campo, CEO of Razorfish. “We were able to show how effective marketing can contribute to transformative social change for women and non-binary individuals around the world, and we’re privileged to collaborate with Dove on their purpose and story.”

The program engendered real systemic change across markets including:

  • 2500+ companies/publications using the images, including AirBnb, The Guardian, Deloitte, Adidas, Apple, Women’s Health, and Stylist
  • 55 corporate pledges at Cannes 2019 to support Project #ShowUs, including Mastercard, Danone and Diageo
  • 80% (28,000+) images downloaded from 60+ countries

Additionally, women’s perceptions are beginning to change:

  • 60% think #ShowUs images challenge stereotypes of how women should look Vs idealized images at 34%
  • 63% think these new images show women as more complete than just “what they look like” Vs idealized images at 23%
  • 60% think #ShowUs images would help the next generation of women feel more confident Vs idealized images at 24%

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