Reframe Helps Razorfish to Culturally Transform by Building Inclusive Experiences at Scale


Reframe, the first tech-enabled change management platform that helps build inclusive experiences at scale, is working with Razorfish to accelerate change within the workplace.

Razorfish is rising to the challenge by uncovering institutional DE&I gaps through an understanding of the level of cultural maturity for its organizational structure, strategy, segments, systems, and solutions. Reframe’s patent-pending Cultural Maturity Assessment, Inclusive Employee Experience™ (IEX) and Inclusive Customer Experience™ (ICX) change operating systems to address structural barriers by helping entire organizations—from early careers to executives—facilitate change, growth, and personalization.

While there’s been progress in culturally transforming the marketing and communications industry, there’s still work to be done. Commissioned by the World Federation of Advertisers (WFA), the first-ever global Diversity, Equality and Inclusion Census found that 1 in 7 employees would leave their company and the advertising industry because of lack of diversity and inclusion.

“The workplace is two to three generations culturally behind the marketplace,” said Jeffrey L. Bowman, Reframe founder and CEO. “The old approaches of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) as a way of integrating the marketing and communications industry fall short of the mark. It may address the symptom but not the underlying cultural underpinnings and structural shifts that are essential to affecting meaningful and sustainable change.”

“To meet the demands of clients, talent and consumers, it’s imperative that advertising giants build more inclusive workplaces, using a change management approach that drives both sustainable and scalable outcomes,” added Bowman.

Reframe is helping to improve Razorfish’s employee experience by first reviewing qualitative and quantitative data, gathered from talent interviews across identities, career stages, and capabilities. These insights enable leadership to assess the current state and identify core areas for transformation, as well as the strategy and timing for change management. A new employee experience and organizational action plan will be designed, leveraging technology to implement, scale, and sustain a more culturally inclusive workplace for all employees.

"We’re proud to work with Reframe to realize our commitment to building a more inclusive workplace and becoming a thriving place to work for all people, supportive of all aspects of identity,” said Josh Campo, CEO of Razorfish. “This partnership is a continuation of our ongoing DE&I efforts that will enable us to drive meaningful, sustained change for our talent and culture, leveraging the expertise of Reframe's scalable inclusive experience solutions."

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