Goodbye Cookies,
Hello Brave New
Data Frontier

Online data is changing. How you will be able to target, acquire, and interact with your audience in the future is unpredictable and ever changing. It’s time to understand these changes and embrace them. The time to take control is now.


We are able to track and measure view through conversions and multi-touch attribution showing a $10 cost per acquisition.


Lack of visibility and the ability to measure & attribute channel performance can result in a $150 cost per acquisition.

To help you on this journey, we’ve developed the ASPIRE framework, allowing you to dive deeper, and easier, into understanding the details behind what’s coming.

Audit Score Plan Identify Roadmap Execute

Let’s start the future now.

Simply tab through every step of the ASPIRE process. Each poses questions and/or raises concerns about your current state and what you’ll need to know or do moving forward into a cookieless future.

Download and print our ASPIRE framework.

Audit your channels, activation strategies, tech stack, and data usage.

  • Where are you using 3rd party cookies to target/personalize?

  • How are you measuring your campaigns using third party cookies?

  • How robust is your 1st party ecosystem? Do you have a large database of active/engaged customers, a unified profile, customer identification and tracking across your website/apps/channels?

  • Do you currently have 2nd party relationships to enhance 1st party data?

Your Next Move Is Your Biggest

In the face of a cookie-less world of data, you now understand what to “ASPIRE” to.

The biggest hurdle to your success will be inaction. Analysis followed by paralysis is real — don’t let the ambiguity of the situation keep you from taking action.

Uncover short term wins while establishing critical and feasible steps for longer term stability and success. Leverage the short-term wins and a longer-term roadmap to ensure you are able to drive sustained, sophisticated marketing orchestration efficiently and effectively.

Be flexible and seek help, this is a huge change for everyone, and we are here for you.

We’re here to help with any questions or concerns you may have as you navigate your way into a cookieless future. Our team is a click away.

The future to our success is building an ecosystem that can flex with the uncertainty of the future. Today, we’re building a future with less reliance on the cookie.

Amy Hu
Vice President – Digital and Performance Marketing, New York Life

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