Digital Boomers: The Truth Behind Marketing’s Most Valuable Yet Neglected Segment


Baby Boomers currently represent 20% of the US population, account for $78 trillion of the total U.S. $156 trillion assets, and have an average net worth of $1.7 million. In 2022, they accounted for just under a quarter of US spending. Yet, they are the least-mentioned segment across the marketing landscape, and 1 in 2 don’t feel represented in advertising.

When it comes to digital products and experiences, Boomers are often overlooked based on the assumption that they are overwhelmed by technology. “Digital Boomers,” Razorfish's qualitative and quantitative study, in partnership with GWI, aims to debunk these myths. In reality, 1 in 2 boomers describe themselves as digital natives, 1 in 2 say they have an active interest in new technology, 9 out of 10 disagree with the notion that technology overwhelms them.

What about how they use digital tools to shop? How do they learn to use a new product? Who teaches them about technology—is it really their children? Would they consider autonomous driving? “Digital Boomers” addresses all these questions and outlines recommendations for how to engage with America's most valuable and neglected segment.

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