Getting to Know Generation Alpha

Our latest research and insights to help brands prepare for this landmark generation.


With Generation Alpha expected to have the greatest spending power in history, it’s time for marketers to better understand this influential cohort.

We can help. Razorfish’s previous study showed that digitally native Gen Alphas are purpose-driven and view gaming as a creative outlet beyond entertainment. Our latest research, in partnership with GWI, delves deeper into what makes this unprecedented generation tick—and the parenting styles that are helping to shape their attitudes toward technology. Among the findings:

  • Parents’ attitudes are shifting positively toward technology.
    The majority of Gen Alpha parents (66%) believe their children are more independent thinkers thanks to technology, and 61% feel their children learn more efficiently than they did.

  • Alphas are surprisingly social and use tech to fuel their many interests.
    Despite stereotypes suggesting Gen Alpha is out of touch due to their reliance on technology, 62% of parents say their child is more social than they were at the same age, and the research shows they have twice as many interests as Gen Z.

  • Gen Alpha prefers quick, digestible, and entertaining content.
    Gen Alpha’s preferred mediums for learning are hacks, how-to videos, and DIY, and their top learning methods are games and interactive experiences. 42% of Alphas say they are interested in reading, down from 53% of Gen Z and Millennials at the same age.

  • Gen Alpha’s brand maturity challenges traditional marketing.
    They favor brands that inspire and enable creativity over the snack and candy brands favored by Gen Z in 2012. Reflecting their social awareness, they distrust “People on TV,” and only 21% regard athletes and celebrities as role models.

Above all, authentic and relatable voices resonate with Alphas, with nearly one-third of them identifying creators as role models.

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