The Metaverse: New Study Reveals Surprising Gen Z Insights

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It’s a curious time to be alive. While swaths of young people have been socializing, playing, and even dating in the metaverse, others can barely define what it is.

Despite the knowledge gap, brands should be paying attention because one thing is clear—money’s being spent in the metaverse.

I just want to do something I haven’t done in the regular world and may not be able to do in the regular world.

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1 in 2 Gen Z say gaming improves their mental health

For a deeper dive into Web3 culture, we conducted a study with VICE Media Group surveying Gen Z gamers about their habits, perspectives, and hopes for the future. Several questions focused on how this generation perceives itself, finding:

  • Those in the metaverse are six times more likely to describe themselves as introverts vs. extroverts
  • 52% feel more like “themselves” in the metaverse than IRL
  • 65% believe that their online relationships are just as meaningful as offline ones
  • Interestingly, 1 in 2 feels gaming improves their mental health

For a cohort this active in the metaverse, it’s no surprise that they’re willing to fund experiences there. Today, 15% of Gen Z’s “fun budget” is spent in the metaverse. In five years, it’s expected to hit 20%.

Those in Gen Z who engage in the metaverse are 6x more likely to describe themselves as introverts vs. extroverts

So how can we serve their needs? What are they searching for? How far are they willing to take it? Hint: 11% are up for getting married there.

To download the full study, which details seven key insights, including what Gen Z expects of brands, shopping experiences, and more, please fill out this form:

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