How a Unified Commerce Approach Unlocks Growth

At Razorfish, we leverage our deep understanding of consumers to create a seamless journey across digital and physical touchpoints.


In today's rapidly evolving retail landscape, brands and retailers face numerous challenges in attracting and retaining customers. Constantly changing consumer expectations, increased competition, and the convergence of digital and physical touchpoints make it critical for businesses to adapt to and thrive in a newly complex environment. This is where Razorfish comes in. We utilize Unified Commerce to help brands drive performance and unlock growth. Our approach forges connections with consumers by understanding their emotional needs and connecting those needs to a brand’s purpose to optimize the experience.

By viewing our work through the lens of the consumer, we ensure that the business is guided by what matters most: the needs of the shopper.

Why focus on unified commerce?

Consumers want retailers to anticipate their needs and be relevant in their experiences. In today’s environment, consumers are looking for simplicity and want to purchase through their preferred channels. It is crucial that retailers and brands are consistent with products, branding, and content across all their channels.

We have seen consumers becoming more cost-conscious but still wanting high-quality goods. These factors and the need for simplicity mean that brand loyalty is harder to win and maintain, making it essential for brands to find ways to be top of mind and increase stickiness throughout the customer journey. The funnel has collapsed, and every digital and physical touchpoint can now be a commerce experience. Since customer sentiment and expectations can change rapidly, brands must optimize performance and experience within ever-evolving market dynamics.

Driving performance

Our Unified Commerce approach helps brands drive performance in this complex world by maintaining a hyper-focus on consumers and what matters to them. We focus on creating experiences that enable brands to connect with consumers on a meaningful level. Uniting digital and physical touchpoints, Razorfish helps brands create a seamless customer journey. Razorfish’s work is grounded in defining how each brand's purpose connects to the customer experience, be it through product selection, competitive prices, convenience, new services, new channels, or other value drivers.

The value cycle

The cornerstone of our Unified Commerce approach is our growth loop, which creates a value cycle that links customer engagement with enterprise performance. This approach involves understanding consumer data and insights, leveraging partnerships and third-party platforms, and optimizing both physical and digital touchpoints. Through our understanding of consumer behavior, we can optimize content and brand awareness across target consumers’ preferred channels.

By orchestrating commerce growth and implementing growth-oriented commerce services, Razorfish enables brands to unlock growth and enrich relationships with their customers.

Adapt and thrive in commerce

In a world where consumer expectations are constantly evolving, brands and retailers must adapt and thrive in the retail and commerce landscape. Razorfish is dedicated to helping brands drive performance, connect with consumers, and unlock growth. By focusing on the customer journey, leveraging data and insights, and optimizing both physical and digital touchpoints, we enable brands to create seamless experiences and build meaningful relationships with their customers. With its differentiated capabilities and disciplined approach, Razorfish is well-equipped to help brands navigate the challenges and opportunities in the retail and commerce space.

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