User Experience

Creating value in every brand interaction requires a deep understanding of the customer.

Customers tap their screens. And suddenly, they’re in touch with your business. At this critical moment, how will they feel: Welcome? Delighted? Will they feel like exploring? Purchasing? And when they leave, will they feel like coming back? For marketers today, this is the moment of truth, as scores of customers interact with their business on computers, phones, tablets and in-store displays.

Razorfish reinvents current digital experiences to give our clients the crucial advantage in today’s competitive digital landscape. By immersing ourselves in our client’s culture, business and goals, and by conducting deep analysis of consumer behavior, we take an informed, data-driven approach, transforming marketing challenges into highly compelling customer solutions.

Our DNA is deeply rooted in twenty years of innovation. Our Emerging Experience Labs, located in San Francisco, Atlanta and New York, offer seamlessly connected technologies that provide a physical space for clients to strategize, implement, prototype and employ new ideas. Whether it’s testing image recognition software that identifies characteristics like gender and age before digitally displaying targeted offers in real time or navigating the space of wearable computing, we’re focused on identifying and prioritizing future trends, inventing new approaches, and collaborating with partners and publishers to build the next big thing.

Only Razorfish offers this unique blend of massive data, expert insight, predictive intelligence, creativity and the power to extend it all into the future.

Skills and capabilities

  • Experience design
  • Content strategy
  • Contextual interviews
  • Usability testing
  • User research
  • Information architecture
  • Interaction design
  • Rapid prototyping


“At Razorfish we believe in delivering behavior, not just experiences. To do that we find the common ground between what the customers’ needs and what the business wants, and design for that common ground.”

Bryan Hamilton SVP, UX Discipline Lead

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