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A Disruptive Voice in the Post-Screen World 
Speaker: Chuck Fletcher, Razorfish 
(additional speakers to be announced)

From Xbox to Siri, Alexa to Google, the power of one’s voice has always been promising, but until recently it has been more humorous than helpful. A surprising notion since voice has been the instrument of choice in delivering centuries of information across generations and borders. With the current speed of networks, cloud infrastructures and the fast adoption of artificial intelligence, our voices are unleashing moments that our eyes and fingers simply can't keep up with.

Join Razorfish's Emerging Experiences group and a panel of NLP experts on how the future of voice will guide us into a “heads-up” world where screens are no longer the primary focus for delivering contextual content.



Politics and Privacy in a Connected World 
Speaker: Eric Grant, Razorfish (additional speakers to be announced)

As fast as humans can innovate, we also need to keep pace with the ethical issues that arise from emerging media and the sharing of data. Policies around security and ethics in the connected world are often written while on the move. From the calculated autonomous car deaths coded within artificial intelligence to the privacy and safety surrounding recent augmented reality experiences, today’s always-on lifestyle and device obsession is leading our society down paths that are exciting...and equally terrifying.  
Join Razorfish's Emerging Experiences group alongside experts in law, politics and technology to explore the fine lines of ethics and immorality in our rapidly progressing world.



Physical Interfaces for Digital Creatives 
Speaker: Martin Hollywood, Razorfish

Ideas are great aren't they? Though the difference between hacking a prototype together and a finalised product can be miles apart. Too often Tech is seen as a barrier to Creativity, during this session we'll look at examples of 'codeless' development, so everyone can get their hands dirty.We'll work with Arduinos to create physical products that react to Capacitive Touch, take photos, tweet and post to blogs using IFTTT & Temboo. 
There'll be real world case studies to go along with more whimsical projects for pitches and personal work that's just a bad punchline.



Privacy for 15 Seconds 
Speaker: Kyle Outlaw, Razorfish

According to Andy Warhol, "In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes". Could it be that the inverse is actually true - that in the future we will only have privacy for 15 seconds? Potential threats such as hackers, drones, and our own devices are looming. Should user experience professionals become advocates of consumer privacy and security? What skills and behaviors will we need to maintain consumer trust? This presentation will focus on challenges and opportunities in the era of "big data".



Gone Fishing: How to Not Let Clickbait Reel You In 
Speakers: Alex Mizrahi, Razorfish; Jake Beckman, NBC News; Margarita Noriega, Newsweek; Slade Sohmer, Mic

With a business model exceedingly beholden to advertisers, many media organizations feel they must rely on fishing in order to generate traffic and boost ad rates. Who are the fish? We the social media users, who gobble up all those bites of news and gossip that pass in front of our eyes as we swim through our feeds and streams. And what does the media use to catch these fish? Clickbait: deceptive, disproportionate, and disingenuous headlines, tweets and Facebook posts designed to reel us in. But a grassroots movement has sprouted up to push back against this fishiness, and some organizations have adopted strategies to earn clicks without resorting to nefarious tactics. Others...not so much.



Hacking Creativity 
Speakers: Stuart O’Neill, Razorfish; Martin Jon Adolfson, BBH

Creativity is a commodity; the ones who have it succeed in today’s world. Do you want to be better than the competition and create original ideas?  
Learn some of the tricks of the trade to “hack” creativity. Get a head start with your clients and customers, solve problems and create great ideas. Creative leaders from Razorfish, BBH and Google will be candidly sharing advice from 15+ years in the creative industries. You will also be given the chance to put some of these techniques into practice. The workshop is targeted at people from all professions that want to sharpen up and gain a creative edge.



Echo Chambers: Healing Our Social Media Algorithms 
Speaker: Claire Woodcock

We have a problem. We thought that the internet would open our minds, but instead we've created a machine that is closing them. Our online world is increasingly accessed through social media. For many it's now their primary news source - served algorithmically, only with the opinions and values we want to see. This is driving divides in society pushing opinions to their extremes: from the posturing of Trump, to Brexit, to Gamergate. It's time social media platforms took responsibility for their influence. 
Should we trust private companies with the shaping of society? How can we adjust feed algorithms for maximum impact? Is there ever a "good" way to manipulate sentiment?



Power of Purchase: Shopping Through Storytelling 
Speakers: Jason Goldberg, Razorfish; Sid Jatia, Under Armour; Nina Alexander-Hurst, Bauble Bar

Personalization. Content. Data-driven commerce. Once buzzwords, these pillars are now driving the future of mobile commerce and transforming the shopping experience. Successful brands need to tell stories to sell by learning from customer’s lifestyles, preferences, and industry trends to deliver a truly custom shopping experience. In this discussion, big brands and startups will discuss how they have surfaced to the top by reacting to market trends and delivering product faster, tapping into consumer data to recommend products or utilizing in-app social engagement to debut new partner collaborations. These brands that are taking product curation and commerce to the next level.



Networking Sucks. Build Communities People Love. 
Speakers: Zoha Shafiq, Razorfish; Kristy Okada, Fjord; Bryn Jackson, Figma/Spec Network; Ben Thoma, CreativeMornings/Austin

Formal networking is dumb. It is impersonal, one-sided, and even a little awkward. Good networking comes from building awesome communities where it is a natural byproduct. A community should be a safe space where peers can communicate ideas, create lasting friendships, and empower others to break out of their comfort zone. These traits naturally occur in the presence of trust and inclusion, but are rare in impersonal communities. From local groups to national organizations to podcast communities, our panel of successful leaders will discuss how to create a community that people absolutely love.



Are You in A Committed Relationship? 
Speakers: Tammy Soares, Rosetta; Colleen McDuffe, Rosetta

It is an incredibly exciting time to be in our industry. Technology is enabling Marketers to do the things they have always dreamed of – understanding their customers better than ever before, using that insight to deliver the right message at the right time in the right channel, and knowing it is working through greatly improved measurement capability. However, this opportunity presents Marketers challenges, our customers expect us to know them from the first introduction, getting this wrong could have serious implications. This could be the beginning of a committed and exclusive relationship or a one date wonder.

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