Zero Touch Technology Could Make it Safe to Use Elevators and ATMs Again

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Second Story’s touchless technology kiosk prototype

So much of our life involves buttons and touchscreens, but what if you didn’t need to touch them?

As businesses reopen, physical spaces will be challenging to navigate, as everyone will be hyperaware of surfaces—from door handles to check out screens—that have been exposed to someone else’s sneeze or cough. New technologies that do not require touch could help ease concerns.

Learn how our new Adaptive Spaces program, and our designers at Second Story, are using zero-touch and voice technology to help organizations reimagine life during the pandemic.

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None of our physical spaces were designed for post-quarantine existence, and so we imagine that for these spaces to reopen in any sort of meaningful way, we have to give it a lot more thought.

Joel Krieger
Chief Creative Officer, Second Story