Shannon Denton

Chief Executive Officer Atlanta

About Shannon Denton

I grew up loving sports, video games and math, which made pursuing a degree in engineering and computer science a natural decision for me. Believe it or not, my first job out of college was writing software programs for telephone switches in machine language. That was obviously long before software, creativity and marketing became so intertwined.

I quickly discovered that I needed to do something a little more dynamic, so I made the shift to consulting and led various practices that helped businesses innovate through emerging technologies. Prior to joining Razorfish more than a decade ago, I was the CEO of a digital consultancy for several years, where I became addicted to working with creatives, strategists, marketers and technologists to solve the most challenging business and marketing problems.

Today, I most enjoy working closely with clients and the Razorfish teams to create new strategies and ideas that are innovative and, of course, add value to brands and businesses. I like thinking about what's next — and am particularly passionate about how Razorfish and our clients can take specific action to capitalize on changes in technology and consumer behavior.

As the CEO of our North American operations, I oversee client teams and offices in New York, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Chicago, Austin, Portland, Seattle and San Francisco. Previously, I was the leader of the Central region, managing our client teams and offices across Chicago, Atlanta and Austin. My other roles at Razorfish include executive leadership for several global practice groups including Emerging Experiences and Omnichannel Commerce. Outside of work, I enjoy running, sports and spending time with my wife and two children.


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