Rokkan is now part of the Razorfish family.

Brave Change.

After 20 brave, breakthrough years, Rokkan is officially merging with Razorfish. We are so proud to be a part of our new family, where we will continue to hone our sixth sense to help brands create unforgettable experiences that make a difference in people’s lives.

Products & Platforms

Everything we design has the sole purpose of improving lives. We implement products and platforms that connect people and enrich their experiences in the world. Our products and services range from service innovation to mobile and native applications to digital ecosystems, commerce, and beyond.

Campaigns & Content

Our focus is creating relevant content that influences a digitally-centric world. We deliver personalized experiences and content that create connections between brands and people, whether we are crafting innovative campaigns, episodic content, editorial content, or anything else.

Physical & Digital

We create physical and digital experiences that help tell your brand’s story. Our goal is to deliver the integrated customer experience, regardless of where, or how, people are interacting with your brand. We’ve brought brand stories to life in the form of immersive and experiential retail, institutional and exhibit experiences, events, and brand activations.