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What we do

The average person can do more with her phone in an hour than her parents could do in a week using the world’s fastest computer. The web provides instant access to information, but that volume of choice and ease of access breeds a paralyzing complexity. In order to thrive in this world, brands have to simplify the experience and create value at every single touch point.

Razorfish was built on understanding the landscape and executing the future. And we serve the empowered customer of today through a solution we call Experience Innovation.

How we do it

It starts with customer behavior. Data has never been more prevalent and available. The challenge is how best to use it all, for which they need a true grasp of customer experience. 

Strategically, we map connections between our clients’ customers and our clients’ brands. Then we make correlations between customer behavior and the goals those businesses are trying to achieve. 

  • Data-driven journey
  • Behavioral segmentation

Our executional level takes insights from that strategy and delivers beautiful, functional and delightful customer experiences across:

  • Native mobile applications
  • Omnichannel web applications
  • Physical / digital experiences
  • Product development
  • Service design

We are committed to helping our clients achieve success across the complicated ecosystem not just once but over time. Our management team works to make sure the solutions we put into market are measured and improved, while providing a look at new behaviors and opportunities that arise continuously.

“By 2016, 89% of companies expect to compete mostly on the basis of customer experience (versus 36% four years ago).”

Gartner Leadership Survey 2015

Why Razorfish

We were born understanding digital behaviors through research and testing. Now, we combine a sophisticated data science team to capitalize on the new forms and sources of data available to brands. We have been delivering breakthrough experiences for customers for more than 20 years, and our creative and experience teams are the best in the industry. Plus, our largest discipline is technology, as it has been since we were founded. It’s the only way to deliver consistently on the future.

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