Reimagine your company’s physical footprint with Adaptive Spaces.

Things have changed. Now it’s time to adapt.

Living through a pandemic has tested us as a society, and we’ve learned to navigate things differently. We now know that we have an incredible ability to adapt to change. But our physical spaces simply aren’t designed for a pandemic.

After flattening the curve comes life under the curve. In this new reality, we’ll gradually return to the shared spaces where we learn, shop, collaborate, and socialize. But we’ll find that these familiar places have changed. What will you do to ensure that people feel safe and empowered to return to your space?

Adaptive Spaces is an initiative developed by Second Story, a part of Razorfish, to help you rapidly reimagine your physical spaces for post-quarantine life.

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Adaptive Spaces is for any brand, business or organization with a physical footprint—whether your space has stayed open with temporary fixes or you’re currently closed. While there are unique challenges facing every industry, there are also common threads. We are working across a broad array of spatial types including workplaces, retail, university campuses, hotels, entertainment venues, and museums.

At first we improvised. Now we must adapt by making thoughtful design decisions that consider our emotions as well as our safety.

Joel Krieger
Chief Creative Officer • Second Story, a part of Razorfish

Adapting for the future.

Informed by behavioral psychology, spatial and experience design, and business strategy, Adaptive Spaces is purpose-built for this challenging moment. Our interdisciplinary team will merge with yours in a highly collaborative process. We’ll observe carefully, listen deeply, and move quickly.

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Our process enables rapid adaptations across five key aspects of your physical experience. With a lab-based approach, we can quickly prototype, test, and iterate, ensuring that real-world insights and successful outcomes are all part of the design process.

Our process enables rapid adaptations across five key aspects of your physical experience.

We’ll assess opportunities and implement spatial adaptations to make people feel calm, safe, and comfortable.
Zero-Touch Technology
We’ll explore technology interventions that help people feel empowered and confident in your space.
We’ll implement spatial narratives so people feel informed and safe — in a way that’s on-brand and in tune with the times.
We’ll take a holistic look at the employee and visitor experience to ensure they feel safe, comfortable, and confident.
We’ll refine existing systems and develop new revenue streams by rapidly prototyping alternative or augmented models.

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