Unlocking growth across the commerce experience

Commerce is increasingly more digital, social, and immersive

E-commerce has skyrocketed in recent years with no signs of slowing down. By 2025, online purchases are expected to reach nearly 24% of total retail sales.* This presents a massive opportunity for brands to capitalize on this shift—and it starts by enhancing everything shoppers see, hear, and feel as they discover products and services.

With the steady rise of e-commerce comes higher expectations of the shopping experience. Today, people want to shop on their terms, through preferred channels, with companies that stand for a greater purpose. Brands that are able to connect with shoppers across channels, drive purposeful engagement, and make the whole experience seamless are poised for greater success.

At Razorfish, connecting the commerce journey to maximize engagement and drive business outcomes is where we thrive. From discovery and engagement through fulfillment and support, we help brands enhance and personalize their shopping experience across all channels.

Source: Statista 2022

To be successful in an omni-channel world, brands must connect experiences across the journey to make shopping more seamless, convenient, and relevant.

Eddie Gonzalez
Chief Strategy Officer,
Performance & Experience
Infographic depicting flow from Discovery (Digital Media, Search, Social, In-Store), to Engagement (Branded Content, Product Content, Ratings and Reviews, Recommendations), to Purchase (Direct to Consumer, Marketplace, Retailers, Social Platforms), to Fulfillment (In-Store, Delivery, BOPIS), to Support (Returns, Exchanges, Questions), cycling back to Engagement

Our Commerce Services

Channel Design

Define, design, build, and launch new shopping experiences for brands across .com, mobile app, social, and marketplaces.

Performance Optimization

Enhance and optimize existing shopping experiences to improve conversion rates, increase AOV, and maximize revenue.

Growth Strategies

Activate revenue growth strategies, through organic and inorganic tactics, that can deliver rapid market growth and sustainable business impact.

Customer Engagement

Create personalized experiences throughout the shopping journey that maximize value generation from each customer relationship.

Commerce Transformation

Introduce new processes, ideas, services, and products to address challenges, increase efficiency and, often boost the bottom line.

We create omni-channel engagement by delivering uniquely personalized experiences.

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