People crave individualized experiences and expect Radical Relevancy.

We take individualization very, very personally.

Consumers are looking for brands to recognize and reach them as individuals. Brands are looking to connect more authentically and convert more reliably. Addressing those overlapping needs with custom-calibrated precision, Radical Relevancy is a powerful platform solution for creating, targeting, delivering, and optimizing personalized ad experiences.

After all, where “relevancy” meets the road is at scale. How can clients — particularly larger enterprises — launch and sustain the nuanced personalization necessary to achieve their brand and business goals?

What Radical Relevancy offers clients is a data-driven way to touch, personalize, and continuously optimize on an individual basis through an extensive set of integrated tools, both proprietary and agnostic.

Companies need the ability to execute data driven personalization at every moment in their customer’s journey.

Eduardo Legorburu
Content Services Lead • Razorfish

Converting proximity into passion.

This holistic approach generates the right content, at the right time, for the right user, on the right platform. The idea is to resonate better with real life — full of individual needs, opinions, desires, quirks, preferences, even contradictions.

Accordingly, Radical Relevancy merges the largest transactional data repository in the industry with our proprietary identity management technology.

Orangetheory members use data personalization during workout
Orangetheory data personalization

The results speak for themselves — underscoring that relevancy is the soul of connection, and that the future of brands should be more human and individualized in order to foster the unforgettable experiences that make our world better.

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