Radical Relevancy is the philosophy that transforms content into personalized stories.

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Personalization sits at the center of connecting Purpose to Performance.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a single email or an immersive metaverse experience—the right message at the right time for the right person will always lead to a more meaningful outcome. And while many purposeful brands seek to connect authentically with their audiences, there’s a science to that art.

That’s where Radical Relevancy connects the dots, as both a broad mindset and an interconnected suite of products designed to deliver outcomes through more personalized, measurable work. In combination, these products allow us to respond to real-time context—because we recognize that both speed and scale are critical for making brand stories maximally relevant.

Radical Relevancy is a data-driven way to touch, personalize, and continuously optimize on an individual basis through an extensive set of integrated tools, both proprietary and agnostic.

Companies need the ability to execute data-driven personalization at every moment in their customers’ journey.

Eduardo Legorburu
Content Services Lead • Razorfish

Our Radical Relevancy Services

High Fidelity Studio

Creative capability integrated high-fidelity studio

Content Velocity

Dynamic creative for personalized content in programmatic CRM channels

Data-Driven Optimization

Iterative web experience content optimization

Community Creation Studio

Social and influencer content at scale

Marketplaces Studio

High-volume retail commerce page creation and optimization

Razorfish Reef

Web3 content, AI-generated and -assisted content

We create omni-channel engagement by delivering uniquely personalized experiences.

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