Web3 / Metaverse Experiences

It’s the dawn of a whole new digital era

It’s an era fueled by recent innovations in commerce, gaming, and social habits that have kicked off a tectonic cultural shift. This shift reflects people’s desire to integrate more seamlessly their digital and physical realities, through engaging digital experiences that are increasingly immersive. Successfully meeting audience expectations requires brands to pursue wholly new consumer engagement models.

We’re not here because of hype. We’re here because we’re passionate about opportunities created by the emerging technologies underlying Web3 and the metaverse.

Our belief is simple—within this new version of the internet, experience drives everything.

Cristina Lawrence
Web3/Metaverse Capability Lead • Razorfish

Meeting consumers across the digital landscape

We meet consumers in whatever new digital landscape they may be, whether it’s participating in novel forms of community, playing alongside friends in the closed metaverse of current tech platforms, or building their vision of the next, decentralized, open version of the internet.

Venn diagram of a person’s metaverse experience

Three distinct product offerings that power our suite of Web3 services

Razorfish Reef

Full-service production support from the Razorfish Web3 studio

Our team of Web3 technical architects, developers, creative technologists, art directors, producers, and Web3 strategists are focused on the creation, rapid prototyping, and execution of immersive metaverse experiences and products as well as the development of innovative, unexpected applications for decentralized web and closed metaverse platforms alike.

Razorfish Wave

A blended human and machine-based community building and management approach that offers radical scale across Web2/Web3 experiences

Platforms like Discord require 24/7 live moderation due to the always-on behaviors of the community. Conversations and engagements are real-time and the community expects instant responses.

Separately, large servers/channels require multiple people to manage, maintain, and clean up spam as well as warning and banning people in order to keep the server safe.

Razorfish Drop

Our portable, agile, and turnkey solution to developing and dropping real-time virtual goods and direct-to-avatar commerce streams

Responsive virtual goods can now be delivered to consumers across metaverse platforms. As the next evolution of real-time community management and fulfillment (made possible by Razorfish Reef), we’re helping brands develop and productize 3D wearables, cosmetics, and nonfunctional virtual goods with contextual relevance and scale.

Mimicking interoperability, we’re delivering on a fundamental promise of Web3 before it’s technically possible by other means.

Our Web3 Services

Community & Creator

  • Web2/Web3 Comms & Engagement Strategy
  • Web3 Creator & Builder Partnerships & Management Strategy
  • Web3 Community Management (e.g., Discord Management)

Wallet & Data Strategy

  • Audience Identification Band Management
  • Future-Proofed First-Party Data
  • Enterprise Wallet Strategies

Commerce & Engagement Systems

  • Token/NFT Strategy and Implementation
  • Digital Product Development (e.g. Web3 Loyalty)
  • Metaverse Marketplace Commerce Strategies & Execution

Immersive Metaverse Platform Development

  • Virtual, Immersive, and Emerging Experience Ideation and Campaign Development
  • Web3/Metaverse Experience Incubator

Virtual Goods & AR/VR

  • Agile Real-Time Virtual Product Prototyping
  • Physical-Digital Commerce
  • Interactive Experience Design

We create omni-channel engagement by delivering uniquely personalized experiences.

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