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How can the right technology open the door for growth?


As the fastest-growing fitness franchise in the world, Orangetheory had become so focused on members in the studio, they were missing key opportunities to expand and gain results across their digital platforms. They needed a complete transformation to more effectively target potential customers and engage current members in a whole new way.


We brought together a team of fitness scientists, brand strategists, music producers, data analysts, UX designers, and creative directors to reimagine the brand’s digital experiences. With the capabilities of Adobe MarTech Stack, we built to use a more intuitive flow and capture leads for future members. The process included researching consumer behavior, producing more engaging content, and redesigning the entire experience to drive a free trial class offer.

We also surprised members at the end of the year with a personalized, data-driven campaign that delivered annual workout stats to each and every individual through a custom, shareable music video. Data Beats used members’ average heart rates to create bespoke music tracks—a different song for every BPM.

We’re constantly gathering new data—learning from it and using it to drive business growth for Orangetheory.

Edward Gonzalez
VP Strategy & Performance • Razorfish


The brand now has increased agility across all channels. In fact, during a global pandemic, we were able to use the new website’s flexible component design to create a microsite for at-home workouts in just one day—keeping members engaged and still attracting new users. And not only were members excited about the Data Beats campaign but so were the awards shows. Orangetheory’s marketing transformation has given them the power to evolve and generate seamless experiences for current and future members, as well as franchisees.

  • 45K
    additional classes booked during week of launch

  • 97%
    class attendance rate during week of launch

  • 83%
    higher lead gen rate

Our members around the world have a special place in their hearts for Orangetheory, now we have a digital presence worthy of their affections.

Kevin Keith
Chief Brand Officer • Orangetheory
  • New York Festivals
    Creative Use of Data
  • Campaign Creative Tech Awards
    Best Use of Data/Insights

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  • @orangetheory is a game changer. The staff, the workouts and the music are simply the best!

  • This workout sounds awesome. Count me in.

  • Thank you @orangetheory for this amazing video. My heart made some kickass music.


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