Trojan x Razorfish Creator Colab

How do you reach new audiences and build a mega following, organically?

The goal was clear: make condoms cool again and get young people to put safety first – starting with Trojan. But how could this iconic brand quickly become relevant with Gen Z and Millennials? As an emerging platform with a massive and growing audience, TikTok was the perfect place for Trojan Condoms to make a splash.

Extraordinarily creative and expressive, we knew we had to make an unforgettable impression on TikTok. Luckily, we had (safe) sex on our side. We decided to create a strategy to broaden the appeal and inspire new audiences to engage in novel ways.

With no existing presence or media investment, our objective was bold: Grow the brand’s following on TikTok (fast), keep the community engaged and entertained, and boost brand sentiment across the board. We got to work quickly, starting from the ground up.

Tapping into creators

Becoming one of the first CPG brands to capture highly engaged Gen Z and Millennial audiences on TikTok was a must. But let’s be real – it’s hard to talk about sex while maintaining brand guidelines, adhering to legal and regulatory requirements, and staying at the forefront of an emerging platform.

Undeterred, we set out to develop an organic strategy with authentic creator-led community engagement at its core. To generate spontaneous conversations and create 1:1 connections, teams would have to be there when it mattered most.

Our mission? To make Trojan the talk of TikTok. We got busy making TikToks (not ads) and seamlessly infusing Trojan into relevant conversations about sex, relationships, and pop culture. Almost immediately, the comments rose to the very top, boosting Trojan brand love across the app.

Additionally, we ventured into the wider TikTok universe, seeking out culturally relevant moments where Trojan could engage to create brand community on a broader scale. This hooked Trojan’s audience and had them on the lookout for what the brand would say next.

The first product launch inspired by Trojan customers

Community engagement has been a driving force of Trojan’s TikTok success, so what better place to source inspiration for Trojan’s next product launch? Our community inspired the launch of a new product, Trojan Bareskin Raw, and we used the best comments to introduce it to the world. This organic TikTok-exclusive launch resulted in Trojan Bareskin Raw selling out on Amazon in less than two hours, a 165% increase in organic traffic to Trojan’s website, and the video raking in 1.7 million likes, 114,000 shares, and over 48,000 comments.


Partnering with the Razorfish Creator Colab, Trojan became a social powerhouse—and is now the #1 sexual health brand on TikTok.

  • 120M
    total views

    Since launching, the Trojan account has garnered over a hundred million views without any media spend.

  • 600k

    In just over a year, hundreds of thousands of new Gen Z and Millennial TikTok users have followed Trojan to see what’s coming next.

  • Sold out
    in 2 hours

    Inspired by Trojan followers, Bareskin Raw launched organically on TikTok and instantly sold out on Amazon.

  • 165%

    The TikTok product launch led to a huge increase in organic web traffic compared to results from other brand launches.

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