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Bringing Viviscal to Life with Women’s Stories

How do you change the conversation on women’s hair loss from hopeless to hopeful?


40% of women experience hair loss, but few talk about it due to social stigma. And even fewer women realize there’s a solution to their hair loss: Viviscal.

Viviscal had 25 years of clinically-proven effectiveness but low brand awareness, due to their reliance on DRTV. The 360 rebranding needed to position Viviscal as the most trusted, effective hair regrowth supplement on the market. The challenge was figuring out how to do this in an emotionally resonant way.

Viviscal has gone from an ‘as seen on tv’ brand to one that’s emotionally connecting with women experiencing hair loss.

Emily Irwin
Marketing Manager • Viviscal


After receiving handwritten letters of how Viviscal had helped multiple women regain their confidence through hair growth, we made the decision to change the way we spoke. Instead of talking at women dealing with hair loss, it was time to start listening to them, and championing their first-hand experiences with the product.

Interviews with real Viviscal users made us realize hair loss was more than a vanity issue. Women’s hair was tied to their unique sense of self. Reclaiming their hair with Viviscal was truly powerful because it enabled them to feel fully themselves again.

These women’s stories became the backbone for Viviscal’s first-ever 360 campaign. We kept our message authentic by featuring real Viviscal users in the campaign’s TV commercials, digital display units, print ads, and other social.

Rarely do we get the chance to work on a brand that not only inspires, but moves us. Viviscal has been that brand.

Ben Loh, Addie Stuber
Razorfish • Creative Team


Social engagement skyrocketed, retail sales increased, and subscriptions went through the roof.

Most importantly, at the heart of every engagement were real stories that illustrated the essential role Viviscal plays in a woman’s hair regrowth journey.

  • 32%
    lift in retail sales

  • 63%
    increase in sales call volume

  • 77%
    increase in subscriptions

At one point, there wasn’t a dry eye on set… To hear how not only had Viviscal changed these women’s hair, but changed their lives…was beyond powerful.

Jamie Perruquet
Creative Director • Razorfish

What are people saying?

  • Not having to worry about a bald spot is huge. It’s one of the first things people see. They see our eyes, our hair.

    Kathleen Alt
    Real Viviscal User
  • We helped Viviscal find its unique and human voice, evolving the brand to reflect the courage it takes to reclaim your hair from thinning and loss.

    John Winterkorn
    Brand Strategy Director • Razorfish
  • Through Viviscal, I got a piece of myself back that I didn’t even know existed. [It’s] helped me feel stronger, more resilient, fierce.

    Real Viviscal User

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