World of Coca-Cola

Turning the Coca-Cola Origin Story Into a Themed Attraction

Can an immersive experience help bring an iconic story to life?


World of Coca-Cola came to us with the ultimate storytelling challenge: create an attraction that tells Coke’s brand story without revealing the soda’s secret formula. Second Story, part of Razorfish, partnered with Donna Lawrence Productions and Gallagher & Associates to craft a world with 12 experiences that took guests on a journey from Coke’s humble origins to outside (but not inside) the vault where the secret formula is kept.

This is truly a narrative space—using the mythology and intrigue of a well-kept secret.

Chris DeWan
Design Director • Second Story, a part of Razorfish


In all, we created 12 immersive experiences that brought guests into the heart of the brand. Throughout their journey, they discovered hidden clues, mixed flavors, decoded secret messages, followed the mysterious Man in the Hat, and became virtual bubbling avatars.

We used cutting-edge technology to make guests part of the story, including face detection, depth sensing, and full-body group gaming in virtual worlds, creating an interactive experience that entertained while telling the story of Coca-Cola.

This is not about collectibles archived behind glass. This is experiencing Coca-Cola in a new way.

Jacquie Wansley
Group Marketing Manager • World of Coca-Cola


Our interactive tale about the most famous trade secret in history—the secret formula of Coca-Cola—helped fuel the design and development of twelve media experiences that delivered the visitor toward the exhibit’s cinematic climax.

Every year, over one million people visit World of Coca-Cola, and The Vault experience has become one of the most popular attractions in the experience.

  • 1.2M
    annual visitors to World of Coca-Cola

  • 20
    acres, size of World of Coca-Cola

The Vault of the Secret Formula exhibit is an interactive exploration of one of the most notorious trade secrets in the world.

Brendan Brehm
Entertainment Designer
  • Communication Arts Interactive Competition
    Award of Excellence
  • AAM MUSE Awards
  • Event Design Awards, Event Design Magazine
    Winner, Best Use of Interior Media/AV

What are people saying?

  • Check out the World of Coke Museum. It’s rad!

  • The World of Coke was the highlight of my Atlanta trip!

    Joey S.
    World of Coca-Cola Facebook page
  • So cool to see the Vault in person! Real fun way to learn about the history of Coke!

    Amanda R.
    World of Coca-Cola Facebook page

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