Razorfish and LOBO Partner to Create In The Raw Sweeteners Ad Series

Razorfish and LOBO partner to create In The Raw sweeteners ad series.

Razorfish teamed up with global creative studio LOBO to sprinkle sweetness on a series of animated ads from Cumberland Packing Corp for their line of In The Raw sweeteners. The line of natural, plant-based sweeteners includes Stevia in The Raw, All-Purpose In The Raw, and Monk Fruit In The Raw, opening doors to an array of beverages, desserts, and foods for all.

The series of animated storybook-style ads shows trains of treats receiving the sweet treatment all the way up to the dining table spread. The ads’ trademark hand-drawn style expands from a two-dimensional animation to an immersive three-dimensional experience, balancing a technically vibrant spot with a hand-crafted feel.

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