Razorfish Launches Creator Offering To Help Brands Drive Social Media Impact at the Speed of Culture

The Razorfish Creator Colab leverages best-in-class creators to deliver social strategy, creative content, and analytics that engage consumer audiences


NEW YORK – March 5, 2024 – Marketing transformation agency Razorfish announced the launch of​ ​the Razorfish Creator Colab, a select team of in-house social strategists developing made-for-platform content. These creators specialize in identifying cultural moments and tapping into them to create experiences that consumers care about.   
"This is more than just a creator offering – it’s a cultural-relevancy offering,” said Cristina Lawrence, EVP of Consumer and Content Experience at Razorfish. “To stand out, brands must engage their consumers through experiences that are both meaningful and authentic. The Razorfish Creator Colab seizes the opportunity to build those consumer connections that today’s brands need in order to exist tomorrow.” 
The offering has five essential elements:

  1. Tapping into trends: Razorfish’s in-house creators are social trendspotters that turn brands into trendsetters. With a pulse on emerging moments (even before they go mainstream), they leverage insights to create content people care about in real time.
  2. Honing authentic brand voices: The offering brings a brand’s social persona to life, with a playbook for engaging new audiences.
  3. Made-for-platform experiences: Because not all social media platforms are the same, the Razorfish Creator Colab uses a broad range of in-house talent and partners to match the right brands with the right creators on the right platforms with the right content. Inserting brands into cultural conversations generates buzz so they can shape the culture they’re a part of while building communities.
  4. Optimizing for success: The creators optimize for success against business objectives, from engagement and brand lift to earned reach and relevance. Analyzing engagement data and performance metrics allows them to continually optimize content and gives communities more of what they want, with the agility to adjust quickly.
  5. Driving efficiency: The cross-disciplinary specialists comprise a lean, one-stop shop for social strategy and creative. Their expertise helps create effective content at scale without sacrificing quality or results, transforming feeds with standout experiences.

“Our creators understand the value of an end-to-end social experience, where we not only identify trends in real time, but can immediately capitalize on them,” said Arielle Carter, GVP of Consumer and Content Experience at Razorfish. “The Razorfish Creator Colab can execute at the speed of culture, giving brands a voice that connects them with new consumer audiences.” 
You can learn more about the Razorfish Creator Colab here
The Razorfish Creator Colab is part of Razorfish’s Consumer and Content Experience practice, which in 2023 achieved the following for its client brands:

  • More than one billion content views.
  • Nearly 150 million engagements.
  • More than 330 million followers.
  • Nearly 400,000 content assets.

Media Contact: 
Dan Yesenosky, Razorfish 


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